A Tale Of Two Headlines

I’ll freely admit science journalism is a hobby-horse of mine, but I don’t think you need to be either a scientist or a writer to detect the not-so-subtle difference between the two headlines above. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking they were written about two different scientific papers; but they weren’t. They were […]

…Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention The Climate Change

Is The ABC Avoiding Climate Change? In a previous article I argued that it was; that in fact the ABC was guilty of “silent denial” by failing to highlight or even mention the well-established connection between climate change and bushfires’ timing and severity. (For example see the Department of Environment and Energy here, and the […]

Evolution, Reification, Homunculi, Anthropomorphism, Teacups and Storms

What’s wrong with this sentence: “This is how evolution stops bad mutations building up to dangerously high levels in a species”? I count at least four things wrong… This musing was prompted by the following snippet: When we reproduce, our children inherit a shuffled bag of mutations, and those with a collection of particularly bad ones are […]