Eclectic curmudgeon. Dextrous lefty. Rarely concise. Still plays with words. Prone to opine supine.

infinite8horizon in the æther, Peter Barnes in wetware.

This is where I impress you with my dauntless exploits, wide erudition, and witty command of both fact and language, while establishing my credentials as a respected, published commentator and all around nice person. Or not. My reputation for brevity is already shot, and with good reason.

I’d prefer you judged what I say on its merits, rather than on some clangorous biography. Appeal to authority and appeal to values are convenient but dangerous shortcuts to groupthink.

I’m fairly widely read and educated in both arts and sciences, so I have the usual layperson’s “dangerous little knowledge”, but of a wider range of topics than usual.

I remain insatiably curious.

I hope to possess sufficient humility to know when I don’t know something, and the good sense to be critical of what I’m told. I’m unconvinced by people who shout loudly, or appeal solely to authority or magic books.

I’m easily persuaded by logic and the scientific method, and very little else. My morals come from insufficient training in philosophy and, when in doubt, the application of universalisability a.k.a. Mrs. DoAsYouWouldBeDoneBy.

Together, I believe we can achieve amazing things. When together we should  respect each other, and that respect shouldn’t depend on the length of your second toe, the ability to curl your tongue, or any other minor difference such as the number of Y chromosomes or preference in a partner.