Liberals Embrace Science? Yeah, But No

Senator Sinodinos – the Minister for Industry, Innovation, and …  whatsitsname? Oh yes, Science – said in a recent speech to the Press Club: [I]ncreasingly, there has emerged a lack of respect for the scientific method in some quarters. We see the conclusions of experts being cast aside, in favour of ideological positions and selective use of […]

Freedom: Of Speech, Religion, & Discrimination – Or – In The Language Of Flowers, What Does A Pineapple Signify?

Can a florist refuse to sell flowers for a couple’s wedding because the wedding is against the florist’s religious beliefs? The answer to that question took me on an interesting journey through the Australian Constitution, the High Court, Australian Standard 1266.0 (2011), the language of flowers, the Australian Human Rights Commission Act and the Sex Discrimination […]

If Rupert were a migrant…

Two newspapers, continents apart, yet with a surprisingly familiar theme. Xenophobia, intolerance, fear-mongering, and the righteous indignation of the well-off for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Nowhere to be seen are compassion, common sense or understanding. What do these newspapers have in common? Rupert. Does Rupert really care about a few poor immigrants? Of course not. […]

Rumours of Honest Joe’s death greatly exaggerated (or, a politician is shallow and expedient, how surprising)

We’re all inured to the rather vague boundaries politicians draw between truth and falsehood, just as we’re increasingly resigned to them leaving their moral compass in the other pair of pants. Equally, our politicians’ current adversarial, wedge-driven, marketing driven behaviour makes it almost impossible for them ever to say “I’ve changed my mind” without howls […]