One-term-Tony turns out to be .666-term-Tony

How appropriate. I doubt anything else will change – the destruction of R&D, the tearing down of renewable energy, the attempted removal of the CCA, the homeopath’s NBN – half the network for twice the price,the attempt to create a two-tier education system, a two-tier health system, the wholesale defunding of women’s shelters, aboriginal support […]

Jumping The Queue – a tragedy of one act

Act 1 Scene: A Border Protection court. In the dock, the Smith family (not their real name): Mr. Smith (624791), Mrs. Smith (624792), and 7 year-old Jane Smith (624793) (not their real numbers) Presiding, The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. Minister: You stand accused of four serious crimes. The first count is: That you […]

Advance Australia Apart, or, We’re still getting away with it – Scott Free

Scott Free, the usually taciturn Minister for Keeping The Door Shut, today was voluble at a press conference. “I’m excited to announce Advance Australia Apart. What is it? REDACTED FOR OPERATIONAL REASONS. Sorry, force of habit… I’d like to share with you some innovative and I think positive extensions to the code of conduct I announced […]