Navy’s GPS error explained

Minister Scott Free and Lieutenant (formerly Lieutenant General) Soup Campbell faced a barrage of questions yesterday, following revelations that HMAS Stuart had been discovered 200 metres up a small creek in Indonesia for the fifth time. Lieutenant Campbell led the briefing, to explain how GPS turn-by-turn instructions had caused the problem. “Maritime navigation is a […]

Scott Free - copyright 2014 David Pope

Of course we’re shooting; it’s a war! – Scott Free

A visibly irritated Scott Free held a doorstop press conference earlier today. “We’re at war. People Smugglers are the enemy. We shoot at the enemy. How hard is that?” “I’m disappointed that the Press is having trouble connecting the dots”, he added. “Let me help you with that.” “The Prime Minister, 5265617, has already told you […]


“We are at war” – The Prime Minister the Honourable 5265617 MP, Member for REDACTED FOR OPERATIONAL REASONS

In a widely anticipated but brief Press Conference today the Prime Minister declared that Australia is at war. Grave faced, he announced “Gentlemen of the Press, we are at, errrr, war.” “Starting from today, in order that the enemy shall have no knowledge of our plans or intentions, all press conferences are cancelled.” When asked […]

We’re getting away with this – Scott Free

(Excerpted from my article  Prime Minister “One-term” Tony sets a blistering pace 2013-12-01) Immigration: straight out of his corner after the first gong, Immigration Minister Scott Free  revealed his plans for refusing to reveal anything. “We said we would turn back the REDACTED FOR OPERATIONAL REASONS, and now I ask you, do you hear about any REDACTED […]