Hockey, Photo James Croucher, Newscorp

A Fair Go

“A fair go” could be Australia’s motto. It’s a phrase that’s uniquely Australian, and one on which we pride ourselves: Fair go, mate! There are other versions that nobody but an Australian would understand: “Fair dibs”, and of course “Fair suck of the sauce bottle”, but they all mean roughly the same thing. Fairness, and balance.

Unsustainable – code for “we’re going to cut it”

Unsustainable. It seems every other Ministerial press release suddenly uses the word. It sounds dire, with vague threats of looming disaster, but without more information it’s just a word to scare children, or to excuse cuts. Before the election, there were promises aplenty not to cut the core social services – health, education, welfare. Suddenly, after […]

Scott Free, this man's smuggling something

70 days in Canberra – gunboat diplomacy

Excerpted from my article  Prime Minister “One-term” Tony sets a blistering pace, about One-term Tony’s achievements in only 70 days. Sri Lanka: Determined to put Australia into the international spotlight, One-term quickly showed that he’s not afraid to disagree with, well, pretty much everybody. Canada, India and Mauritius all boycotted the CHOGM meeting in Sri Lanka […]

What do we want? Hyperopia!! When do we want it? …hang on, what’s hyperopia?

Hyperopia is what our current leadership so obviously lacks. Farsightedness. The opposite, as you’ve probably realised by now, is MYOPIA. One-term’s is so bad, he can’t even see women… Ross Gittins writes today in the SMH, comparing Keating’s vision to Abbott (and Hockey). It’s not a favourable comparison for the incumbents. We’re not talking here […]

Rumours of Honest Joe’s death greatly exaggerated (or, a politician is shallow and expedient, how surprising)

We’re all inured to the rather vague boundaries politicians draw between truth and falsehood, just as we’re increasingly resigned to them leaving their moral compass in the other pair of pants. Equally, our politicians’ current adversarial, wedge-driven, marketing driven behaviour makes it almost impossible for them ever to say “I’ve changed my mind” without howls […]