…Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention The Climate Change

Is The ABC Avoiding Climate Change? In a previous article I argued that it was; that in fact the ABC was guilty of “silent denial” by failing to highlight or even mention the well-established connection between climate change and bushfires’ timing and severity. (For example see the Department of Environment and Energy here, and the […]

Silent Denial

How the ABC is complicit in climate denial. Imagine, for a moment, that there is a massive measles outbreak all around Australia. Rural and regional areas in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia all suffer a huge surge in cases. People die. Many lives are changed forever. Imagine, now, that the ABC […]

Liberals Embrace Science? Yeah, But No

Senator Sinodinos – the Minister for Industry, Innovation, and …  whatsitsname? Oh yes, Science – said in a recent speech to the Press Club: [I]ncreasingly, there has emerged a lack of respect for the scientific method in some quarters. We see the conclusions of experts being cast aside, in favour of ideological positions and selective use of […]

One-term-Tony turns out to be .666-term-Tony

How appropriate. I doubt anything else will change – the destruction of R&D, the tearing down of renewable energy, the attempted removal of the CCA, the homeopath’s NBN – half the network for twice the price,the attempt to create a two-tier education system, a two-tier health system, the wholesale defunding of women’s shelters, aboriginal support […]

Speechless with horror and disgust

I’ve posted very little for some time now,  not been because there’s been nothing to say, but rather because there has been so much to say I’ve been speechless. I’m speechless at the hypocrisy of the current government. I’m speechless at their casual, brutal disregard for the truth. I’m speechless at the sneering, arrogant cynicism […]

Unsustainable – code for “we’re going to cut it”

Unsustainable. It seems every other Ministerial press release suddenly uses the word. It sounds dire, with vague threats of looming disaster, but without more information it’s just a word to scare children, or to excuse cuts. Before the election, there were promises aplenty not to cut the core social services – health, education, welfare. Suddenly, after […]

one-term science

70 days in Canberra – a climate change

Excerpted from my article  Prime Minister “One-term” Tony sets a blistering pace, about One-term Tony’s achievements in only 70 days. Science: For the first time since 1931 Australia lacks a Minister for Science. [but for late breaking news, see Australia’s new Science Minister 2014-01-07] One-term Tony clearly understands that scientists have caused many of Australia’s and particularly […]

values beat facts

Values beat facts. Even if you value facts. It’s a fact!

Why is it ok for politicians to ignore experts, even ridicule experts, to demonstrate appalling ignorance, and to support policies that have failed not once, but many times? Because values beat facts. CAUTION ADVISED: long thinky piece ahead.