The "this is fine" dog sitting in the flames, saying "I can adapt"

Environmental Myths and the Climate Crisis

A brief musing on environmental myths. I’m writing this in response to a number of prevalent and recurring myths or assumptions that permeate discussions about the environment. Broadly, I’d describe them as: In slightly more detail: the myth of perfection presumes that the way the world is now—or was—say fifty, or a hundred, or five […]


The ABC Still Has A Problem With Gas

The unfortunate juxtaposition of these two articles, not just on the same day, but literally next to each other on the front page, provides a perfect illustration of two things. Firstly, the ABC’s continuing gaslighting of the Australian public about our gas supplies and prices; and secondly that it’s not an accident. For the gaslighting […]

european gas prices last 5 years

Blackout? Don’t Worry, the ABC Will Gaslight You

On Thursday, the ABC published a story about the “east coast power crisis”, claiming to explain what was happening. In my opinion, what ABC readers received instead was some vintage ABC “balanced” gaslighting. This kind of article is characterised by: Selective use of the “reporter’s voice”—the voice of true, verified facts—as distinct from attributed quotes. […]

Should MPs be Butchers, Bakers, and Candlestick Makers?

A frequent criticism of government ministers is that they have absolutely no experience or qualifications in their portfolios. Can we take that criticism seriously? Let’s look at the high-level list of portfolios: AgricultureEnvironmentDefenceEducationEmploymentFinanceForeign affairs HealthCustomsIndustryScienceEnergyResources(Attorney-General) TransportCommunicationDevelopmentSocial ServicesTreasuryVeteran’s Affairs(Prime Minister) What are the chances that, of the MPs elected, the party or parties forming government will […]

Morrison’s Deadly 80% Cargo Cult

Perhaps now, far too late, it’s finally obvious that Morrison never intended to use or follow the Doherty modelling in any meaningful fashion. At the very beginning of the pandemic he made his political and ideological preferences clear—go to the footy, let it rip—but such was the overwhelming pressure for a medical, scientifically sound path […]