Speechless with horror and disgust

I’ve posted very little for some time now,  not been because there’s been nothing to say, but rather because there has been so much to say I’ve been speechless. I’m speechless at the hypocrisy of the current government. I’m speechless at their casual, brutal disregard for the truth. I’m speechless at the sneering, arrogant cynicism […]

We’re getting away with this – Scott Free

(Excerpted from my article  Prime Minister “One-term” Tony sets a blistering pace 2013-12-01) Immigration: straight out of his corner after the first gong, Immigration Minister Scott Free  revealed his plans for refusing to reveal anything. “We said we would turn back the REDACTED FOR OPERATIONAL REASONS, and now I ask you, do you hear about any REDACTED […]

If Rupert were a migrant…

Two newspapers, continents apart, yet with a surprisingly familiar theme. Xenophobia, intolerance, fear-mongering, and the righteous indignation of the well-off for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Nowhere to be seen are compassion, common sense or understanding. What do these newspapers have in common? Rupert. Does Rupert really care about a few poor immigrants? Of course not. […]