Farewell Lorna

Vale Lorna James of the Cairds, clan Sinclair, my mother’s sister and my Auntie Lorna. Always ready to laugh, warm-hearted yet practical, welcoming and generous. Farewell… My thoughts and sympathies to her daughters and family.

Kevin Andrews and I agree on something

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Department of Social Services Has absolutely nothing to do with this PRESS RELEASE Like Kevin Andrews, I will not be opening the World Congress of Families. Like Kevin, I have decided to issue a Press Release to explain my decision. Like Kevin, I have decided nonetheless to publish the speech I would have […]

Speechless with horror and disgust

I’ve posted very little for some time now,  not been because there’s been nothing to say, but rather because there has been so much to say I’ve been speechless. I’m speechless at the hypocrisy of the current government. I’m speechless at their casual, brutal disregard for the truth. I’m speechless at the sneering, arrogant cynicism […]

Four Questions to the St James Ethics Centre

Originally posted on xBorder:
The St James Ethics Centre in their own words are, a unique centre for applied ethics, the only one its kind globally — … we pride ourselves on being a catalyst for ethical change by working with passionate individuals and organisations to bring about successful collaborations. Over the years these have included…

A Letter to the International Criminal Court

By email to otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int Re: Australian Government Ministers breaching Article 7 of the Rome Convention Dear Prosecutor, I write as a citizen of Australia, deeply concerned at the behaviour of ministers of our Federal Government; behaviour that I am effectively powerless to stop, but which I believe is so appalling as to be in breach […]

“Facebook Ethics” joins “Military Intelligence”, “Airline Food”, and “Honest Politicians”

Most Facebook subscribers understand that they’re not only users of Facebook’s services, they’re its product. That is, Facebook isn’t really “free”; the price you pay is giving Facebook access to your personal information: who your friends are, where you go, what you do, how you’re feeling, what products you use, and so on. What subscribers may […]