Sunshine Beach

I usually post these under the infinite8horizons menu, but today had sky, sea, waves, rain, colour, and detail, so I thought I’d post it here for a change. This is the skeleton of porpita porpita or the blue button, not a true jellyfish but a colony animal like the bluebottle. Thanks to the Queensland Museum […]

Farewell Lorna

Vale Lorna James of the Cairds, clan Sinclair, my mother’s sister and my Auntie Lorna. Always ready to laugh, warm-hearted yet practical, welcoming and generous. Farewell… My thoughts and sympathies to her daughters and family.

Kevin Andrews and I agree on something

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Department of Social Services Has absolutely nothing to do with this PRESS RELEASE Like Kevin Andrews, I will not be opening the World Congress of Families. Like Kevin, I have decided to issue a Press Release to explain my decision. Like Kevin, I have decided nonetheless to publish the speech I would have […]