One-term-Tony turns out to be .666-term-Tony

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How appropriate.

I doubt anything else will change – the destruction of R&D, the tearing down of renewable energy, the attempted removal of the CCA, the homeopath’s NBN – half the network for twice the price,the attempt to create a two-tier education system, a two-tier health system, the wholesale defunding of women’s shelters, aboriginal support services, the arts, our heartless, xenophobic maltreatment of innocent refugees including but not limited to rape, torture, murder and child abuse while in government detainment, the heartbreaking list goes on and on. But at least Abbott is gone.


One thought on “One-term-Tony turns out to be .666-term-Tony

  1. I’m torn between being glad he can no longer destroy our Australian society but sad that the LNP were definitely headed to an awful annihilation at next election as long as he was still their leader

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