Speechless with horror and disgust

I’ve posted very little for some time now,  not been because there’s been nothing to say, but rather because there has been so much to say I’ve been speechless.

I’m speechless at the hypocrisy of the current government. I’m speechless at their casual, brutal disregard for the truth. I’m speechless at the sneering, arrogant cynicism with which they break promises, deliberately foment bigotry and hatred, and purposely bully and vilify the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us.

I’m speechless at the methodical vandalism with which they are deliberately ripping apart the fabric of our society, not to weave something better, but simply to destroy what’s there.

I’m speechless at their deliberate disregard for our children’s future, our environmental future, and with it our economy, all for the sake of lining a few pockets for a few years.

I’m speechless at the malice and glee with which they are privatising core government services, selling health and education to private enterprise, as though society was a business, and even teaching our young was an activity from which someone other than society must profit.

I’m speechless at the openly partisan demagoguery of the “Fourth Estate” and Murdoch’s transparent attempts to silence not only opponents but all rational debate, destroying our own public broadcasters in the process.

I’m speechless with horror and disgust.

This government gained power by blatant lies and deception, and by cynically exploiting voters’ genuine desire for promised change.

At best they are cruel, vindictive ideologues. At worst they are selfish, entitled schoolyard bullies writ large across our country.

The damage they have done in one year, both to the country and to our belief in the political process may take a generation to repair. The divisions and hatreds they have stirred up and encouraged will not heal in twelve months. And they have two more years in power, unless public disgust forces the Senate or the government itself to the polls.

They are in charge only because we gave them power, and because we let them hold it. They have no mandate for any of the wreckage and destruction they are wreaking on our country.

We, collectively, need to simply say “No more. Stop.”



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  1. Yes Peter. The Governor General is doing nothing, the Queen apparently has not noticed, the Labor Party are doing nothing, Clive Palmer has come out of the closet as a Liberal Party supporter. Any ideas?

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