Come in spinner!

Read this. And weep.

The implications of this story should be painfully obvious, but public debate these days is so polarised and facts so irrelevant that perhaps I’ll just list a few.

  1. Both sides of politics have displayed breathtaking hypocrisy in their treatment of asylum seekers. Both sides. Luckily there are more than two sides, but both the ALP and the LNP are equally guilty here, and the ABC points this out. We’re towing asylum seekers back into Indonesian waters in clear violation of laws, treaties and obligations, but clearly none of them plays cricket.
  2. This story, and other recent breaking stories by the ABC (and their long history of breaking stories, and the long list of politicians on both sides of politics who accused them of bias, and their long list of journalism awards from independent bodies, and their high approval rating with the public, and ..) demonstrate why we need the public broadcaster, and why it is not fundamentally biassed.
  3. The never-ending flow of xenophobia and asylum-seeker demonisation that appears on the front pages of Murdoch’s newspapers both here and overseas clearly demonstrates the massive bias and agenda of Murdoch and conservative parties. That Murdoch and the conservatives should also be calling for the ABC to be hobbled is not a coincidence.

That headline (C) (TM) 2014 by me. I’ll be rich.