Of course we’re shooting; it’s a war! – Scott Free

A visibly irritated Scott Free held a doorstop press conference earlier today.

“We’re at war. People Smugglers are the enemy. We shoot at the enemy. How hard is that?”

“I’m disappointed that the Press is having trouble connecting the dots”, he added.

“Let me help you with that.”

“The Prime Minister, 5265617, has already told you we are at war, and the enemy is People Smugglers.”

“If you are on a People Smuggler boat and you help to cook some food or distribute water then you are aiding the People Smugglers.”

“Therefore under the Act you are a People Smuggler. See the Act 233D and 73.3A of the Criminal Code

“Therefore everyone on the boat is the enemy.”

“We are at war. We see an enemy. We shoot at enemies. Now that wasn’t hard, was it?”

“We’ll provide you with lists of both foreign civilian casualties and People Smugglers killed whenever the numbers are impressive enough.”