70 days in Canberra – Women? What women?

Excerpted from my article  Prime Minister “One-term” Tony sets a blistering pace, about One-term Tony’s achievements in only 70 days.

Gender Equality: Frequently reviled in opposition, One-term Tony has finally set the record straight, first by campaigning in the almost constant company of two women who weren’t actually running for office, then, having won, by appointing one woman and eighteen men to cabinet.

There were heated accusations of positive discrimination when it was revealed the ratio of women in the whole ministry was much higher at 15%, but One-term brushed these aside saying that 15% was roughly the same as the proportion of women in the population, and that he should know as he’s now also responsible for women’s issues.

“This isn’t a, … er, … um, women’s issue”, he said succinctly, with his trademark syncopated delivery.