70 days in Canberra – Gonski, iksnoG, Gonski, Gone

Excerpted from my article  Prime Minister “One-term” Tony sets a blistering pace, about One-term Tony’s achievements in only 70 days.

Education: The Gonski report was the culmination of over two years concentrated effort by an expert team of independent educational specialists led by respected and impartial businessman David Gonski.

Over 7000 submissions and 71 education groups were consulted.

One-term Tony and Education Minister Incredible Pyne were initially opposed to the results of this massive effort, for reasons that, in contrast, were not based on two year’s concentrated research by anyone. However two days before the Federal election One-term and Incredible Pyne announced a complete reversal of their position, and repeatedly described themselves as being in total agreement with the Labor Party’s Gonski proposals.

Following the election, however, they reversed their position again.

“My position on this is, er, clear”, One-term clarified. “Changing my mind, um, twice is the same as not, er, changing it at all, so I haven’t in fact, er changed my, um, mind or lied to the electorate at all.”

“Also, I’d like to, er, remind you about, um, non-core truths, and answers to, er, questions I haven’t practised the, ah, answers to. We inherited a shambles here that took, ah, a team of experts two years of, um, painstaking, careful work to create, and if we, um, had read it, I’m sure we’d have found it’s a shambles. Shorten’s shambles, ha ha ha. Luckily, we don’t, um need to read it now.”

Incredible Pyne was not available for comment, but was happy to produce a smug self-satisfied smirk. He also provided a press release announcing that he would conduct future negotiations with his State counterparts by press releases accompanied by a smug self-satisfied smirk.