Holiday reading for Scott Free, One-term Tony, and all our elected representatives

This may be becoming monotonous, but the more I hear about how our country and our elected representatives are treating fellow human beings whose only crime has been to run for their lives, the more disgusted I become.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre posts regularly on Facebook on breaking news, most often unfortunately on how poorly we are treating people who reach out their hands to us for help.

Here’s the summary of their latest post on Facebook:

The glasses, hearing aids & prosthetics of asylum seekers are being confiscated & often destroyed on Xmas Island. Their medications are being discarded without being recorded & their own personal medical records destroyed. Like to Dislike. Share.

SOURCE: From a 92 page letter 15 doctors sent to Scott Morrison & then sent to Guardian Australia when he failed to act.

They add

We’ve seen the actual 92 page report but we don’t have permission to share publicly, the Guardian Australia has it & if you see the posts above you can read some of the terrific stories on it they’ve written with more to sadly come

The Guardian article is here.

My thoughts? There’s a wonderful traditional English song (The Lyke-wake Dirge) about a soul’s journey after death. Read it. Make your elected representative read it.

In summary, if you helped others when you were alive, you have nothing to fear. If you didn’t, then look out.

Right now I’d hold out little hope for Scott Free, One-term Tony, and many who are serving with them or before them on both sides of the political fence. This is obscene and must stop. We asked you to represent us, and instead you are shaming us. We expect leadership and better behaviour from you, not the worst the country has to offer.