Rumours of Honest Joe’s death greatly exaggerated (or, a politician is shallow and expedient, how surprising)

We’re all inured to the rather vague boundaries politicians draw between truth and falsehood, just as we’re increasingly resigned to them leaving their moral compass in the other pair of pants.

Equally, our politicians’ current adversarial, wedge-driven, marketing driven behaviour makes it almost impossible for them ever to say “I’ve changed my mind” without howls of mock outrage from opponents, and 72 point headlines.

We should applaud politicians who listen to debate and reason, and move their position based on fact and logic. We should also boo and hiss when they reverse their position for totally implausible, expedient and clearly short-term gain in clear violation of their basic values. And we should reserve our greatest contempt for those who strike a pose on the moral high ground, one foot firmly planted on the rock of basic ethical values, and then retreat to the swamp when the cameras are turned off.

So boo, hiss and yar-boo-sucks to Honest Joe. His moral outrage and ethical vehemence are clearly about as real as, well, a politician’s promise. The only thing you can be sure of is he’ll be doing what he thinks is best for Honest Joe.

First dog on the moon tells the story more tellingly than I can (as usual).