Hey! Leave my Auntie alone, you dirty old men!

One-term and Rupert taking it in turns to kick the old lady.

This molestation is so brazen, it’s like watching an old woman being indecently dealt with in the middle of the CBD in lunch hour, while the police smile on indulgently.

In the past they’d have some kind of stalking horse, or at least wait for a plausible stuff-up before miraculously appearing at the gates with a suspiciously well-assembled posse with flaming brands, baying hounds and pitchforks. This time, there’s no attempt to hide what they’re doing.

Are they so stupid, or so arrogant that they think Australians (not THE Australian) won’t see this self-serving behaviour for exactly what it is?

The latest editorial rant in THE Australian is, well, pitiful. It’s also beautifully dissected by Ben Jenkins in this article, brought to my attention by the always informed Mark Colvin.


‘Nuff said…Image